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WingFoil Rentals

Just landed on the island? 

We provide you with all the wingfoil rental equipment necessary for you to enjoy your holidays in Mallorca with the latest equipment from F-ONE and NORTH.

For special requests, you can contact us directly via WhatsApp, email, or phone, such as full days, weeks and monthly rentals.

Wing Foil Rental Mallorca

Are you visiting the beautiful island of Mallorca and thinking about what to do? We know something that will definitely please you. You will enjoy yourself on the beautiful waters of Mallorca at Pura Vida because we offer you all the wing foil rentals that you can want. 

Our wing foil rental provides you with all the wing foil equipment you need. At Pura Vida Mallorca we have the best equipment made from the best wing foil materials available. Therefore, we can proudly say that our wingfoil rental is of very high quality. Everything to give you the best possible experience on the water.


The wing foil rental offered by Pura Vida Mallorca provides you with the best wing foil equipment you need for a good experience. The rental equipment includes a wing, a wing foil board, and a foil.  


At Pura Vida Mallorca we rent the wing foil equipment for half a day, giving you 4 hours to enjoy the beautiful waters of Mallorca with your wing foil. If this time is not enough for you, we also offer our wingfoilers the possibility to rent the wingfoil equipment for a whole day. You will then have 8 hours to enjoy the experience of wing foiling on the beautiful island of Mallorca. 


To take advantage of our wingfoil rental there is only one requirement. To be able to rent your wing foil equipment from Pura Vida Mallorca, you must have at least IKO 3N level. You must be able to prove this when you collect your wing foil equipment from our shop. If you cannot prove this, you can book a one-hour wing foil lesson with one of our instructors. The instructor will check that you meet the minimum level to be able to hire the wing foil equipment. 


So, if you fancy an exciting experience with a wing foil on the beautiful waters of Mallorca, you should come to Pura Vida to rent a wingfoil and spend the day on the sea with the best wing foil equipment we have to offer you. 


If you have any special requests or questions about our wing foil rental service, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our staff will be happy to help you and can be reached by chat, email or phone. 

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