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WingFoil Lessons

WigFoil Lessons in Mallorca. Discover the all-new sport, an easy way to get into watersports, for all ages and completely risk-free to get started. Once you mastered the wing, our international team of instructors will coach you all the way to becoming an independent rider!

  • Learn to wingfoil from zero or improve your riding skills.

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    2 hr

    From 149 euros
  • Learn how to Foil, a great practice for all ages and skill levels. Tra...

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    2 hr

    249 euros

Learn Wing Foil with our Lessons

At Pura Vida Mallorca we offer cool and exciting wing foil lessons. The beautiful island of Mallorca offers plenty of great waters to enjoy the coolest water sports. You should not miss a wing foil lesson on these beautiful waters


Wing foil is a new water sport, but certainly not unknown. It is a sport that is very upcoming at the moment and many people are eager to learn wing foiling. Wing foiling involves holding your wing in your hand while standing on your foiling sup and you will move forward. It is a very safe and risk-free water sport


At Pura Vida we offer everyone the opportunity to take a wing foil lessons. The sport is suitable for all ages and as it is risk free to get started, the level of the individual does not matter. Our instructors offer wing foil lessons for everyone and will make sure you have a great time on the water. Everyone is welcome to join one of our wing foil lessons and conquer the beautiful waters of Mallorca together with this great board


Our team consists of international, professional and experienced water sports instructors. They can teach you all the tricks of this new, up-and-coming water sport and look forward to doing so. Our instructors will always look after your safety and make sure you not only learn how to wing foil, but also your time on the water have amazing. When you go to the water with one of our instructors, you will first learn to control the wing. Once you are able to do this, the instructor will continue to teach you until you can fully and properly control the wingfoil all by yourself.


We offer different types of wing foil lessons at Pura Vida Mallorca. These vary from group wingfoil lessons with beginners to a 2-hour group lesson with experienced wingfoilers. In addition, you can also choose to book a private lesson so that the instructor dedicate all your time to teach you and can improve your skills in the best possible way. Furthermore, at Pura Vida we also offer wake foil courses. All these different wing foil lessons are suitable for all ages and levels.


Whatever type of lessons you choose, we will make sure you have fun on the water by offering the coolest and best wing foil lessons on Mallorca. Our instructors are waiting for you for get out on the water with you to you enjoy the wingfoil lessons.

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