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Pura Vida Mallorca was founded in 2012 by Carmen and Saul, leaving their corporate jobs to dedicate their lives to building a dream life, a kitesurf school in the heart of Pollensa Bay, sharing their vibe and passion with locals and tourists alike.


Not long after, Marta and Albert joined the dream, and the “original four” took a path to become the first kitesurf-only dedicated shop in Mallorca, didn't take long before it became the reference shop and school on the island, even bringing some of the big names in the kitesurf industry at that moment to Mallorca, running kitesurf clinics, demo-events, kite-trips, and at some point they even opened a bar-restaurant dedicated to the kiteboarding community.


Pura Vida Mallorca continued growing and evolving with the watersports along its history, adopting new sports such as kite-foil, wingfoil, efoil, and even a sail repair shop nowadays.


In 2022 the “original four” decided to take up new challenges, and passed the baton to us, Lucía and Héctor, current owners of Pura Vida Mallorca. Now we have taken the challenge of adapting to new times, new sports, and overall, new energy to make Pura Vida Mallorca grow and continue giving back to the watersports community.

Now Pura Vida Mallorca has a dedicated technical gear and apparel shop in Alcúdia, on which you will also find the official repair shop for F-one and North Sails in the area, as well as the original location at the Sa Marina Beach (Pollensa Bay), where you will find the school and a little shop.


Under Pura Vida Mallorca you will find our shops and school, as well as “Maniac 4 Sails”, “eFoil Mallorca”, and “Wingfoil Mallorca”, our dedicated businesses to different sports and repairs.


Lucía and Héctor


Lucía was born in Galicia, on the northwest shore of mainland Spain. She's always been active in mountain and watersports alike. First came to Mallorca “for the season”, to work as a lifeguard, and never left the island, short-after, she discovered kitesurfing and a new world of watersports, became an instructor, and then took the challenge of repairing broken sails, creating the first professional sail repair center dedicated to fixing kitesurf and wing foil sails in Mallorca. 

Today Lucía leads Maniac 4 Sails and keeps Hector from expending too much money on new toys.


Hector, was born in Mexico, and raised in Asturias, also on the north-west shore of mainland Spain. Spent about ten years traveling and discovering different spots around the world, working as an instructor among many other jobs, once passed by Mallorca to teach kitesurfing for the season, and met Lucía, together, after a couple of years, embarked on this ambitious project together. Now he's found The Place To Be, loves and enjoys the island like no one else, he leads the shop and is in charge of spending as much money as Lucia allows him.

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