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Which Kitesurf Equipment Should I Buy?

Once you finished your beginner kite course in Mallorca with Pura Vida Mallorca, one of the first questions that comes is, what to buy and don't regret?

How to choose my first kitesurfing equipment while I'm in Mallorca?

There is not just one right answer to this, now a days there is a wide range of equipment to choose from, and the big question, should I buy NEW or USED kitesurf equipment?

To first answer this question we have to think about our commitment to the sport, and budget. The answer is easy, if you decided you already love kitesurfing, and your wallet can afford a brand new set of equipment (ranging 3,000€ to 4,000€), go for it, you will not regret the feeling of a crispy brand new kite. It will perform better than a second hand kite, and will be a lot more reliable.

If on the other hand you want to be more cautious and you are not so sure about if you will like the sport a 100%, or don´t want to expend as much money at the beginning (you will find something ranging 1,500€ to 2,500€), the 2nd hand kite would be the right answer for you, on the downside, you will not have the crispy feeling of a new kite, and it may not last as long as a brand new one. Just make sure you buy it out of a reputable shop or rider, as a second hand kite may have hidden issues, canopy material faults, broken and / or missing parts. Always take some professional advise.

At Pura Vida Mallorca we offer both options to our clients and new students who want to buy a brand new or second hand kite in Mallorca. We are always at your disposal to asses you on what´s the best equipment to buy for you and your needs.

In case you have already bought equipment and it got damaged, do not panic, we also have an in-house Repair Shop at our main location in Alcudia, with a fast and reliable service.


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