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Where To Kitesurf In Mallorca

If you are either learning how to kitesurf or looking for a spot where to kite in Mallorca, here we got the answer.

Alcudia, Located at the North-East corner of Mallorca, is the predilect place where to go kiting in Mallorca, here you will find almost all of the schools that are based in the island, as the Bay Of Pollensa is the only place in Mallorca where authorities have allowed kitesurf schools to be located, most riders decide to come over for riding, if you are looking for a place where to go kiting, and find some more riders, the beach of Sa Marina De Alcudia, is the one.

Although, you can go kiting in many other places around Mallorca, it is actually allowed to practice any wind-sports on your own out of almost any beach, but the sharp cliffs and rocky beaches usually do not invite to launch other than from the long beaches from the Nord-East side of the island. Other common spots, but not as kitesurfing friendly as Alcudia, include the beach of Can Pastilla in Palma de Mallorca, and Playa de Muro, as well in the NE side of the island, as schools are not allowed to run lessons out of this areas, but as a private kiter, you can go.

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