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Clases de Kitesurf


Ven a dar un paseo en barco por la increíble bahía de Pollensa, aprende y progresa en tus habilidades para hacer foil. 

¡Excelente práctica para aprender a hacer WingFoil, KiteFoil o simplemente por diversión!

Surfea la ola interminable detrás de nuestra barca y disfruta de las aguas tranquilas de la bahía.

Pueden ser hasta 6 personas por sesión. 


Mínimo 1,5h (179€)

*Recomendamos un mínimo de 30 minutos por participante.

Si tienes alguna petición especial puedes contactarnos aquí

Learn Wake Foil in Mallorca

Come wake foil in Mallorca, join Pura Vida, and learn or improve your wake foil skills. You will ride in the beautiful bay of Pollensa with up to a maximum of 5 other people and one of our instructors. It will be a wake foil experience you will never forget.  


At Pura Vida Mallorca we have a surf boat with a hydrofoil that creates waves that you can wave behind. Learning wake foil this way or improving your skills by waving on the waves of the surf boat on the beautiful island of Mallorca is an amazing experience.  


You will go on the surf boat together with a maximum of 5 other enthusiastic wake foilers towards the bay of Alcudia in Mallorca. This bay is the home spot of Pura Vida Mallorca, it is the mecca for kite and wake-foilers on Mallorca and therefore the perfect place for us. Here you can enjoy wake foiling on the endless waves behind our boat. 


The boat is accompanied by a captain from Pura Vida Mallorca and a wake foil instructor. This is one of our many experienced international professional instructors. This instructor will ensure your safety during the whole trip on the boat and help you improve your wake foil skills. Together we will ensure that you have an unforgettable time on the beautiful waters in the bay of Pollensa.   


Anyone can join us to improve their wake foil skills or learn to wake foil. Regardless of your level, we will take you out and teach you how a hydrofoil works and how to float in the wake of the surfboat. Going along on the surfboat costs 119,50 €/h with a minimum duration of 2h. Pura Vida recommends its clients to book a wake foil time of at least 30 minutes per participant. During this time our instructors can teach you the basics of wake foiling or for experienced wake foilers to improve their skills  


So, if you want to have a cool experience on the water and learn how to wake foil or improve your wake foil skills come to Pura Vida Mallorca and join us on the surf boat to go wake foiling in the bay of Pollensa. Our professional and experienced instructor will train you and you will have an unforgettable experience. 

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