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Meet The Team

MTT24 Lucia.jpeg



The Fixer.

Passionate about mountain and watersports, drown into Mallorca as a lifeguard for just a couple of months, now it´s been over 10 years of living the dream. 

Head in charge of Maniac 4 Sails, the reference kite and wing repair shop in Mallorca, her magic hands, and sewing machines, can fix even the most destroyed sail, bringing it back to life. 

Kitesurf instructor, lifeguard, and roadtrips lover.

Loves challenges, and if it involves a jigsaw and wood, then she´s the happiest woman in the world. We´ve seen her doing schamaninc dances in the witch nights, she comes from Galicia, and makes the best Queimadas (Galician drink).

MTT24 Hector.jpeg



The Seller.

Another soul that came to Mallorca for just a couple months... of course.  Watersports instructor who was roaming around the world for over 10 years, trying to find the place to be, discovering the best kiting and hiking spots, and found it here in Mallorca.

The visible face at our main shop, the evil tongues say that he can sell ice to an Eskimo, be careful!

Takes care of the daily operations, and spends a lot of money buying toys “for testing”.

Born in México and shaped in Asturias, don't tell him something is impossible, otherwise he will go for it!

If you ever get lucky you may try his amazing Tuna-mango dish.

MTT24 Angel.jpeg



The Local.

Born and raised in Mallorca, a true waterman, riding waves and wind since he was 8 years old, hooked to all sailing and boardsports. 

He was part of the Spanish national team of Formula Kite, traveling and competing wherever the sport took him. 

In 2023 he was proclaimed champion of the Spanish National Wingfoil Circuit, and now he is focused 100% on wingfoiling, you will find him teaching at the school whenever he's not competing or training for the next big championship. May you be lucky, he will be your instructor, rocketing you to the moon!

MTT24 Eider.jpeg



The Waterwoman.

Born to ride on a foil, once someone said she kitesurfs almost before learning how to walk. 

A true kiteboarder, a bit shy at the beginning, but don't be fooled, she's a “crack”! 

She started to compete at a very young age, by the time she was 16 years old, she won the European Kite Foil Championship, and not long after this awesome milestone, she was proclaimed third in the world on this same modality.

Now she's focused on wingfoiling, and as some other team-members, she's slowly falling in love with Mallorca. Originally from the Basq Country, on foot here one foot there. You will find her teaching every time she's in town.

MTT24 Giulio.jpeg


Centre Manager

The Boss.

He's in charge of running “Pura Beach”, our school and shop at the spot in Bahia de Pollença.
The man of many lives, he's a waterman, a snow enthusiast, martial arts practicer, a big dancer, speaks six languages, all of this, and a lot more, in just one man.

Born in Japan, made a life around the world, traveling and discovering cultures and magic spots for kitesurfing and all other sports he practices.

You will find him coordinating the school, making sure everything and everyone runs smoothly, sometimes jumping in the water giving a lesson in Italian, Japanese, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and who knows, soon Mallorquin?

MTT24 Bea.jpeg



The Happy one.

Like a sprinkler, she's always spreading love and good vibes.

Her goal: make sure everyone gets the best, and a unique experience on their learning path.

Passionate about watersports, teaching, and learning new skills.

Nature is her playground. 

Born in Portugal, you will find her on the water teaching all watersports, on the boat rescuing someone, or looking for wind with the binoculars, and always up for a new challenge!

As we say, she's “la alegría de la huerta”.

MTT24 Charlie.JPG



The Photographer.

Like a rattle, you will notice when he's around. 

From the Americas to the world, he's always full of energy, sharing his passion for watersports, and photography like no one else, great kiteboarder, and even greater photo/videographer, if you get lucky, he might catch you with his lense and get the escence of the moment.
He will squize you to the last bit to get you up and riding on a kiteboard, foil or behind the boat, there is no give up with him.

Originally from Venezuela, he makes the best Arepas.

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