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Since 2012, our company has been providing adventure and fun by the boatload in our little slice of paradise. As the premier kitesurfing center in the Alcudia area, we offer a large selection of high-quality equipment and a wide array of activities suitable for all ages.

A safety boat is on duty and always available to assist you.

No wind?

No problem, you can still eFoil, wake-foil and Paddle Surf.

After-session shower?
We got you covered.

The largest surf shop in town carries all technical and beach gear in stock at two locations.


Pura Vida 

Mallorca offers the most beautiful waves for you to kitesurf. This is a super fun activity to do during your holidays in Mallorca, for example. The wind and sea make Mallorca an ideal island for kitesurfing. Especially the coast is extremely suitable due to its long and deep sandy beaches. Here you can kitesurf and enjoy yourself undisturbed at designated spots along the coast! Pura Vida provides a unique experience at sea. Feel the freedom of the sea and the wind in complete safety while learning to master your kite with ease, this is possible thanks to our kitesurfing courses with Pura Vida. You will learn from our best teachers. Come and visit us!


Why is kiteboarding in Mallorca so great?


When the wind picks up, every avid kitesurfer starts itching. After all, with good wind you can enjoy hours on the water, this is the ultimate feeling of freedom for kitesurfers. Therefore, as a kitesurfer, you are always looking for the best wind at the best kitesurf spots. At Pura Vida, we offer various courses. Our instructors have years of experience and want you to have the best experience. Pura Vida stands for quality and we make sure you go home feeling satisfied. We are sure this will be an experience to remember!


Great learning curve


When kitesurfing, you have a big learning curve. By this we mean that you need to invest relatively little time, to learn a lot about kitesurfing. So this is perfect if you want to experience it for once. With our best teacher, you will quickly learn the tricks of kitesurfing. After you have taken a few classes, you will soon find that you can already move up and down the water nicely. With kitesurfing, there is a lot to learn and every class is a great experience. After a while, you will learn cool tricks and you can start jumping.


Many possibilities


Within kitesurfing, there are many possibilities. You can learn a huge number of different things with the sport. For example, you have big air, wave, freestyle and foiling, all of which can be practised with different boards. Pura Vida will show you the coolest tips and tricks during the course. Enjoy the beautiful beach and blue sea while kitesurfing in Mallorca. Experience this great feeling. Take a look at our website and book a course.

See you soon!

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